Jorge Aldana

Mayor of Tegucigalpa

President of CC35


Irací Hassler

Mayor of Santiago de Chile

Vice President for

South America of CC35


Mario Durán

Mayor of San Salvador

Vice President for

Central America of CC35

El Salvador

Carolina Mejía

Mayor of the National District

Vice President for

Caribbean of CC35

Dominican Republic

To be confirmed

In the process of acceptance

CC35 Vice President for

North America of CC35


Towards climate integration

of the Americas

Tegucigalpa holds the presidency together with the regional vice-presidencies of Santo Domingo, San Salvador and Santiago de Chile.




Mayor of Tegucigalpa and CC35 President Jorge Aldana with CC35 Secretary General Sebastian Navarro in Tegucigalpa.

CC35 is committed to the climate integration of the Americas through local diplomacy, to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions, to increase the resilience of cities in the region and to amplify the voices of the Capitals before the international community in the framework of the Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC following the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the 2030 Agenda and the Glasgow Climate Pact.

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